About Us

PW MORYS was established in 1991 and since that time we have been producing wooden box-pallets for storing fruit and vegetables in cold stores.

Our main ready market, apart from Poland, are EU countries such as: Germany, Holland, Belgium, France and Great Britain.

Our presence on the EU market and the development of our firm would not be possible without constant attention to our products quality as well as conscientious completion of orders.

Our offer includes exceptionally durable and functional box-pallets with a quality certificate which have been used by farmers for many years.

We specialize in the production of  wooden-box pallets for fruit storage, mainly apple and pear as well as box-pallets for vegetable storage : potato,carrot, celery and cabbage.

High quality of our products and professionalism confirmed by long experience in the completion of orders have contributed to our firm’s established position on the wooden box-pallet market both in Poland and in many EU countries.